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Telescopic poles

Telescopic poles
Telescopic polesTelescopic polesTelescopic polesTelescopic polesTelescopic polesTelescopic polesTelescopic polesTelescopic poles

Pole characteristics:
- adapted to the outdoor and indoor use
- simple operation and easy transportation thanks to the possibility to fold
- manufactured in two maximal heights: 430 cm and 580 cm
- length of the folded pole equals: 190 cm
- the pole contains the expansion system that ensures fluent adjustment of the sliding pipes length
- pole pipes, metallic silver powder lacquering
- the set contains banner arm for the assembly of the flag, maximum width: 120 cm
- possibility to expose the flag in all conditions

For the better adaptation of the pole to your needs, choose the most adequate foot:
1. Wheel secured foot. You have to put your car's wheel on this foot. It is made of the steel pipe, bended in the U shape; it weighs around 3 kg. We lacquer it with gold or silver powder lacquer.
2. Cross-shape stand alone foot which allows placing the pole inside or outside buildings. However it is necessary to additionally weigh the foot with water tank (made of the specially watertight and gas-tight foil). This tank contains big filler plug and thanks to this it can be easily filled and emptied). Thanks to openings in the foot, it is also possible to screw it down to the concrete surface, e.g. with nail expansion anchors. It is made of the flat steels protected with the powder lacquer. It weighs approximately 7 kg.
3. ?Briefcase? stand alone foot which allows placing the pole inside or outside buildings (when the wind force is low). It is made of the steel sheet. It contains special lug for the transportation. It is protected with the powder lacquer. It weighs approximately 20 kg.
4. Peg type foot to be driven into the ground. It is characterized by very stable and durable pole installation to the ground. In order to perform installation, it is enough to stand on it (top part is specially adapted to this action). Steel tip protected by the hot galvanizing.

We also recommend adequately fitted covers for poles and bases for telescopic poles.
Our telescopic poles are ideal solution during trade fairs, festivals, open-air parties, sport competitions or various presentations. It is an easy and attractive method to promote the own trade mark.
Our telescopic poles and their equipment are completely manufactured in Poland. Choosing these products, you may be sure that you will avoid poor quality products. There may be problem with folding or unfolding the poles in imported poles. Do not let this trouble meet you!

Remember that purchasing Borpetrol poles and equipment you have the service and maintenance guaranteed.

Contact us right now and order selected flag poles. Call us: +48 33 496 41 68 or fill the following form.

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