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Standard flag stands

Adapted for indoor flag exposition. We manufacture them in two standard colours: gold and silver. However it is not a problem to order stands in a different colour. They are available in single- and multi-arm version. For a richer selection, we prepare standard single arm flags in two versions. They differ only in the base diameter.

Wooden flag stands

Made of lacquered pine wood. They are available in single- and multi-arm version. These flag stands may be definitely recommended to all natural wood lovers.

Exclusive flag stands

This is a richer version of wooden flag stands. Stand bases beyond the wooden elements also contain elegant, lacquered brass plafonds. If someone searches for the exclusive decoration for his institution, these flag stands are ideal for this use.

Outdoor flag stands - cross

Adapted to the outdoor flag exposition. Stable structure ensures safe exposition of the flag. We recommend these flag stands in the following colours: silver, black and gold.

Outdoor steel flag stands

Outdoor steel stands ? stable method to expose the flag outside the building. We recommend them in silver and gold colour. We manufacture these stands with the number of arms selected by the customer.

Stands for the banner

Stands specially adopted for the banner exposition. We made the stand of aluminium. We lacquer with gold or silver powder paint.

Wooden poles for flag stands

Wooden poles for flag stands: wooden and exclusive. We made poles of the wooden and brass elements and thanks to this they are very durable. We crown poles with decorative, brass balls.

Aluminium poles for flag stands

Aluminium poles fit standard and outdoor stands. We made them of the high quality, hard and stand?s colour powder lacquered aluminium. We crown poles with decorative balls.

Rings for pole flags

We manufacture flag rings especially for our stands. We prepare rings in two versions for the selection: standard and decorative.

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