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Classic pennant stands

Classic Office stands should be recommended for those who search (in the tradition) the inspiration for the decoration of their office. They are characterized by the sober elegance ? they do not stand out and do not distract office visitors.

Spherical pennant stands

We recommend office spherical stands to all for whom the modern decorations causes that the atmosphere is professional. The spherical stand is characterized by the modern and unorthodox design and thanks to this it will diversify the decoration of each and every office.

Wooden pennant stands

Office wooden stands are perfect solution for all natural wood lovers. They consistently tone in with wooden accessories of each and every office.

Exclusive pennant stands

Exclusive stands perfectly fit each and every elegant office. If someone searches for exclusive decoration for their office, this office stand is ideal for this use.

ECO pennant stands

Office ECO stands are the economical solution for each and every office. They are distinguished by the lightness which is the result of empty bases.

Pennant stands with arm

Stand with arm is the real mini-pole to be put on the desk. The arm of the stand resembles the one which was applied in several models of our flag poles.

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