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Flag poles ? banner version

Flag poles ? banner version
Flag poles ? banner version

Figure legend:
a rotary head with top
b pole pipes joining point
c hinge pole foot
Poles characteristics:
- made of the high quality aluminium
- powder lacquering; colour is to be selected by the customer from the RAL pallet
- available in 6, 8 or 10 m version
- the pole is equipped with arm for the installation of the flag (banner); the arm is installed on the pole head
- thanks to the banner, the flag is spread all the time
- the pole does not have flag pulling line so the pole has to be laid down when changing the flag
- installation on the mounting hinge and thanks to this it can be simply assembled and disassembled
- topped with the decorative arrowhead or ball (to be selected by the customer)

We guarantee the high quality of our poles!

The modern technical solutions make it simple in using. Whereas thanks to the lacquering they are resistant to outdoor conditions and they are simple in maintenance.
When deciding about the height, top and colour of your pole, you become its co-author and you exactly adapt it to your and your clients needs.
Together with the pole you gain 5 years warranty. We will willingly help you with the installation.


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Contact us right now and order selected flag poles. Call us: +48 33 496 41 68 or fill the following form.

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